Monday, 6 May 2013

The Continuing Adventues of One Day, Katherine

First of all, hello!

After some gentle encouragement from a friend, One Day Katherine has sprouted into existence. I hope it becomes something that blossoms.

So, "One Day, Katherine" what does that mean? I'm Katherine, I'm 25 and married. I live in the Home Counties. I suffer from poor health, but the relevant issue right now is Mental Health. I'm coming towards the end of a spell of intensive therapy and I want to take a more pro-active approach to life after therapy. To be honest, it has only dawned on me recently that there is life after therapy. From my teenage years onwards my aim was to get into therapy, then I did and then, one day I realised that I need new aims for things to come.

I am One Day, Katherine. One day I will change things, one day I will experience things, one day I will get those small, niggling tasks done. It's time to change that, though. I need to define my goals and start doing.

Another thing about me, I'm fat. I could be more okay with that than I am. I could do more to achieve my goal weight than I do right now. I could be braver when it comes to sticking my neck out there and acknowledging this. So I'm bringing it all here, in a big jumble.

This is the beginning of a journey that hasn't got a definite or certain ending, exciting and scary territory. We'll see how it goes.


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